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Month: January 2017

New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

Something I have been pondering lately; why do we have to wait for the New Year to create amazing goals when we are reborn every 24 hours?

This year I have decided not make any New Years resolutions because I believe that I have a choice every single day to make changes, hell I can even make changes in the middle of the day.

We can all start our day over at any given moment, it’s up to you. Why wait for a certain date to make fitness changes, or love yourself more. Personally, I’m not ready to make fitness changes but I’m always striving to love myself more.

2016 was the year to discover sobriety; 2017 is the same exact thing but to just be better than I was last year. Shit, I just wanna be better than I was 10 min ago. I guess that’s why I decided to post after months of not writing.

I honestly haven’t been work on bettering my life the last month and a half or so and yesterday it really hit me hard so I decided to make some changes. For one, I reached out to my God, open and honestly, I reached out to many people for love and support. In my life today, when I reach one hand out, I get 15 reaching back. So grateful for that! Also, I got back to the super basic and simple things in my program.

I’ve done a lot of searching for outside validation from men and not taking real good care of my body and mind. I totally recognize that and I understand that I am the only one that has the ability to make happy, health changes to my life. Even just recognizing that and being aware of that, shifted things for me. I feel lighter and happier. Now it’s time to do ACTION. More sleep, more reading, more prayer and meditation, MORE SELF LOVE!!!

I can do hard things!

I am capable of LOVE!

I am amazing!

I am honest.

I am capable of being of SERVICE!

Just one last thought…. I choose to embrace my womanhood and “rock the single status like a FUCKING boss!!!!!!”

How to Rock the Single Status Like a Boss.


Thank you all for you’re amazing support and love. NAMASTE

Remember to be YOU!

Remember to BREATH!

Remember to GIVE LOVE!

Remember that you are PERFECT the way you are!